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Montessori meets Oakland: REDesigning the Classroom of Mrs. Guerrero

Hey everyone welcome to my blog for Reggio Emilia Design!!! I'm excited to announce my first project of redesigning the classroom of Oakland High School's art teacher Mrs. Guerrero. But, I need your help fundraising to make this teachers dream classroom a reality by August 1st! For more details scroll down.


Teacher #1: The Teacher

Mrs. Guerrero is a first year art teacher who is excited but also nervous about starting the new school year with new students, new career skills, and a new working environment. She has dreamed about being a teacher for a long time and is ecstatic to finally be pursing her passion as an art teacher full-time. What she offers students is a warm welcoming when they come in, encourages them to do their best work, connects with them on a personal level, and shares her experience of careers in the

design world.


Teacher #2: The Students

Oakland High School is the oldest public high school in the city of Oakland, CA serving a diverse population of students ranging from:

32% African American 29% Latino 32% Asian

3% Pacific Islander 1% Mixed Races 2% White

1% Native American

Many of the students are from low-income families and find comfort at school more than at home. Students participate in various academies that group them into career industry focused cohorts. Elective classes, such as art, are one of the few classes that mix the student cohorts together.


Teacher #3: The Classroom

Needs some major improvements:

- unorganized cabinets

- uneven and patchy tabletops

- dirty mix matched chairs

- NO large white board

- tables crammed together

- blank white color walls

- dirty back storage room

- not enough storage for students artwork (6 classes)

- unlocked and uncovered door that leads to another classroom

Video tour of the classroom