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Black Lives Matter

My contribution to the protests against police brutality and Black Lives Matter is this poster. When creating this piece I felt a lot of sadness, anger, and fear at first but seeing, hearing, and feeling the communities around the world come together with such passion transitioned my feelings to hope. We still have a long way to go on tackling the beast of changing the American justice system, but at least we are making progress with more woke allies.

This poster represents the mourning of the many lives lost to the injustice of police brutality within the African American community. The three figures of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery are all victims of being unjustly murdered by the hands of our "chosen" protectors. They are all coming out of the shadows of their casket as a form of resurrection saying that "black people are tired of dying." The broken handcuffs around George Floyds hands unveil the injustice of the police system in America and the need for change. The splattered roses that gradually become more saturated represent the increase in bloodshed and pain spread throughout the community. The back of the poster list some of the names of people on record that have died from police brutality, many of whom had mental illnesses, wrongly accused of having a gun, or in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even though they are at rest, their lives will still live on through the people and the movement that Black Lives Matter. We all need to do our part to educate, empower, and support one another as we continue to move forward in creating change in our justice system and society.

With Omni Open Studios, I share my education background and creative process for making this poster. Thanks for the opportunity!

For every poster purchased 100% of the proceeds will be donated to this empowering education organization that serves youth and in the black/brown community Woke Kindergarten.

If you'd like to educate yourself about police brutality here are a few resources I referenced to create this poster:

A FREE download printable version of the poster is available here.

Become and ally to the Black Community by:

- Educating yourself on black history

- Support black owned businesses

- Listen to black voices

- Respect and protect black people

- Include black people into your space/community

- VOTE!!

Other resources and people to support:





Purchase your large Black Lives Matter Poster here!

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