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" Wise Women Series - Featured by Omni Open Studios"

I'm honored to share this beautiful collaboration with Omni Open Studios featuring our “Wise Women Series” as a mini documentary featuring the creative process and meaning behind this special series.

This ongoing “Wise Women Series” showcases a group of women I admire, who aren't just a pretty face. They speak their minds. Ranging from various eras, continents, and talents these women all share the quality of wisdom. Their stories inspire my understanding of the struggles and blessings of womanhood. They are also a reminder that strength and beauty comes from within knowing that validation is not needed or required from others. You are enough just as you are.

As another wise woman once told me, "Gather your tools, use your tools, and share your tools with others." I hope that this series provides support for my tribe of women. "


To purchase any of our “Wise Women”, shop in ART

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