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Our Story

Reggio Emilia is an innovative form of education, that focuses on student centered learning connecting students to their own curiosities and environments...


I learned this philosophy during my teaching credential program at San Francisco State University. In addition, Reggio Emilia also includes three teachers, which are the teacher, students and the classroom. The third teacher (classroom) is the core for building a safe space, supporting passionate teachers, and engaging students in exploration. 

My teaching career as an art teacher was focused on working in low-income public schools. One of the most exciting things for me as a teacher was decorating my classroom. I wanted to provide my students with a fun, creative, and calming space to enter into everyday, which I happily spent out of my own small pockets. The task was much greater than I had anticipated and the working life of a teacher caught up with me. Lesson planning, grading, classroom management, connecting with students and parents, attending meetings, creating opportunities, field trips, and checking countless emails. I couldn't commit the time or energy to make my big design dreams  a reality right away. So little by little each year I redesigned a portion of my classroom to gradually make it comfortable, organized, and fun to be in. Over the years I noticed that these small changes had an impact on my students and me! We felt more relaxed, more energized, and more engaged during class time. I realized how important the physical classroom environment affects the students and teacher physically and mentally. Especially since so much of our time is spent inside. A school year consists of 175-180 days of school and/or between 900-1,000 hours of classroom instruction total. That's almost half a calendar year, which I think makes school appropriate to call a second home. According to "The Third Teacher" book, "an estimated 25,000 schools throughout America need major repair". 


After reading about this scary number I couldn't stop at just my classroom. Hence the birth of Reggio Emilia Design, which mixes my classroom knowledge and creative style to redesigning classrooms for hard working teachers in low-income schools. 


I'm an educator, artist, and designer who creates to redesign classrooms with the Reggio Emilia mindset. My mission is to provide a healthy, calming, and playful space for anyone to enjoy. For every purchase 20% of the proceeds will go towards redesigning classrooms in low-income schools. With your help we can give passionate teachers nicer classrooms they deserve and provide comfortable learning environments for our students.


We need to invest in our teachers and inspire the younger generation together. 


- Miss Z - 

Owner & Designer of Reggio Emilia Design


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