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REDesign Classroom: Rm 207 Oakland High School, CA

I believe that the classroom affects how students perform during class because the environment affects the student's motive and mood. With the mural, it makes students feel more "outside" and more "awakened".

Minh (student)

This classroom doesn't have a window so it makes me more engaged and less bored or tired. The new layout of desks makes the room feel more spacious. 

Holly (student)

It helps me because when I am day dreaming, I could look around instead of distracting my friends.

Rafael (student)

A nice environment gives me a good vibe and positive attitude.

Jay'  Vion(student)

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Testimonials: Testimonials

The atmosphere of the classroom helps me concentrate on my work.

Jessica (student)

This is the perfect class that shows organization and professionalism, it does help in being a better student.

Ginmary (student)

A clean and spaceful classroom is something that makes me feel comfortable and the mural/design on the wall is giving me a vibe and makes me feel comfortable in class.

Elvis (student)

A nice classroom helps me relax so it won't distract me from my learning. Safety and a nice classroom allows me to be engaged in learning. Organization is also a plus because then I don't have to look around trying to find materials.

Edison (student)


I would recommend Reggio Emilia Design to other teachers! It has definitely had a positive impact on my instruction and students well-being. In a school that lacks a teachers lounge I also find it to be an improvement for my own emotional health. Also my anime club has also made really good use of a lot of the relaxation elements.

Mr. Wong (  Math   Teacher)

Oakland High School, CA

Rm 207

REDesign Classroom: Rm 336 Oakland High School, CA

I'm really happy that the tables got fixed. It was difficult trying to do work on an uneven surface.

Anthony (student)

The colors on the walls make the room feel energetic and calming.

Derrex (student)

The plants make the room feel cozy and comfortable.

Zhane (student)

Testimonials: Testimonials

My classroom provides a unique welcoming space for my students which makes me happy to teach in it. This project will forever be one of the best collaborations that I have been a part of. Thank you again for seeing your vision through!

Mrs. Guerrero ( Art   Teacher)

Oakland High School, CA

Rm 336

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