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Garment Worker Center + Miss Z

Labor of love in full fruition! Excited to share this new collaboration with Garment Worker Center, an awesome non-profit that supports garment workers rights and wellness in Los Angeles! Serving 4,000+ people in the garment industry, making Los Angeles the largest mass fashion producer in America. The main flyer shares Garment Worker Center: Emotional Well-being Workshop series, geared towards supporting garment workers to better manage and develop their wellness skills. These workshops will be hosted by Garment Worker Center and sponsored by Los Angeles Department of Mental Health Workshops are only offered to Latino Garment Workers living / working in Los Angeles.

Majority of garment workers are immigrants who left their homes in search of making a better life for themselves and their families by coming to America. Many had high hopes that America would provide them with opportunity to grow and prosper, but unfortunately for many it has done the opposite. This country has welcomed them with exploitation, racism, and abandonment. What gets them through is a community of co-workers, allies, neighbors, friends, and family.

This image was inspired by the idea that even though the “American Dream” is skewed, what matters is your perspective of how you choose to shape it into your own dream. Will you choose to let your dream shine or dim? “Don’t let the system influence you.” - Myron & E (“They Don’t Know”). The landscape is inspired by the iconic Vista Hermosa Park in downtown Los Angeles.

Workshop Series will be held during the months MAR - JUNE:

6:00 - 7:30pm

Virtual / Zoom / In Person (various locations)

Swipe for details (available in English + Spanish)

To register call / text GWC (213)677-7497

Please share this info with anyone you think could benefit. To learn more check out GWC website for info and resources to learn more.

Garment Workers are one of the many workers exploited, due to our capitalist consumption in the fast fashion industry. Majority are immigrants and people of color having to work 10-12 hr shifts, 6-7 days a week in addition to bringing work home without extra compensation. There’s little to no time spent on taking care of themselves and/or their families. This image was inspired by the idea of how emotional wellbeing / mental health is connected to the mind + body + spirit. It needs constant maintenance to continue to grow and prosper.

Garment Workers work long hours sometimes without lunch and bathroom breaks, due to the fast pace and high demand to meet the boss’ quotas. The stress of the job leads to malnutrition in the form of excessive eating or lack of eating. Even when allowed a break, the break rooms aren’t cleaned and infested with rats and roaches. This image is inspired by the idea of how healthy food nourishes and feeds the soul. It also brings people together to share recipes and prepare a meal together. Referencing from the local vendors that sell those yummy fruit cups (vasos de fruta) sprinkled with Tajin.


1 large mango

2 large oranges

½ small pineapple

1 large jicama

4 cups watermelon

2 medium cucumbers

Tajin or chili powder

Chamoy, Valentina or any hot sauce

3 limes

1) Peel and cut all fruit into cubes / spears

2) Arrange fruits in cups

3) Squeeze a little lime juice over fruit

4) Splash of salsa and sprinkle Tajin on top

5) Serve with wedged limes

This image is inspired by the overall toll garment workers' bodies and minds face. Depleted from the long hours of strenuous work they deal with on a daily basis to meet fast fashion deadlines. After the long hours of work their job doesn’t end there because many of them have families to support afterwards. Garment workers have felt the burden of being exploited by their employers and have felt invisible by the lack of care towards their well being as workers. They have taken a stand to address their unfair treatment, but it comes with other challenges. Fighting for the cause is both physically and emotionally taxing, which is an addition to working hours. It is also a huge risk for those who can’t afford to lose their jobs to support their families. In addition, some have invested many years into their trade and actually note their talent and worth by moving up in ranks but would appreciate being treated better. For others that believe otherwise, unfortunately there aren't many choices available. Finding new work is limited to other jobs of exploitation (Ex: domestic work, day laborers, and janitors…). So they make the best of your situation trying to manage.

This image was inspired by the weight that garment workers carry with them both literally and figuratively. The stresses of being financially unstable while trying to keep everything a float for basic necessities like housing, food, healthcare, childcare, transportation, and citizenship to name a few.

Many garment workers face verbal, physical, and sexual abuse from their bosses, but the mistreatment doesn’t stop at work. Some families even with dual income struggle with vices that get them through their rough jobs. Using alcohol and drugs to numb the pain of the daily grind, resulting in harming themselves and their families. Harm is done physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially causing tensions within households that can leave trauma scars on the parents and children. Mainly mothers endure tons of abuse from their boyfriends / husbands before they have the courage to leave in order to protect their children and themselves. For those that seek help solace is found through a community of friends, neighbors, extended family, and other single mothers.

Life of a garment worker from a mothers perspective.





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